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a complete and fully customized offer

A complete and customized services

Do you need help to develop, create, manage or improve your online business? I can assist you upstream when defining your strategy, during its implementation and downstream to improve in analysis and optimization.

I can help you in the long term or in a more specific way on operations concerning the creation of your Website and / or your brand image, your advertising campaigns, your positioning on the search engines, your e-mail marketing campaigns, your activities on social networks, the automation of tasks or the analysis and optimization of your activities.

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Digital Strategy

Are you a business owner? A business manager of small-medium company? I propose to train and to help you to create and develop your multi-channel strategy to help you achieve your goals.


Website Creation

Need an ergonomic, intuitive, responsive, efficient and well positioned website? A showcase site, an e-commerce site, a blog? I can use CMS like Wordpress, Prestashop or others to give you the possibility to modify it easily!

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Web Advertising & SEA

Do you want to generate targeted traffic quickly? Your ROI and your conversion rate do not satisfy you? I can help you to create advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or the channels most suited to your reality!

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Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to find your site in the top positions on Google? I can help you to optimize your website to drive targeted traffic!

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E-mail Marketing

I can help you to choose a platform, then fully manage it or help you to realize, optimize and analyze your e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Marketing

Need help? Do you want a Facebook page? An Instagram or Twitter account? Do you need advice to integrate them into a multichannel strategy?

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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a fundamental aspect/part of Web-Marketing. I can train you and / or help you to measure your audience, traffic, sources of acquisition and site performance by analyzing all steps of the conversion process.

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Optimisation & Growth

When you are launching a site, setting up a SEO strategy, advertising campaigns or e-mail marketing, is essential to continue the process of analyze and test by staying focused on the goals in order to improve your conversion rates and your ROI.

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Tasks Automation

You probably waste your time and therefore efficiency in repeating automated operations. I can help you to automate your daily repetitive tasks via iMacros or actions between multiple online applications for example.

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Branding & Logo

When you are launching a product or activity, you will need to build branding. Feel free to call me if you need a logo, pictures, business cards, pages and profiles on social networks etc.

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A good image has at least as much impact as good copywriting. It's good, I'm passionate about photography and post-processing. I put at disposal my skills for the creation of your visuals, your communication and your site.

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Photo editing & GIF

Do you need photo or video -editing to ensure a graphic consistency for the image of your brand? DoYou want to stage and realize GIFs for your storytelling or original and unique illustrations for your site or social networks?

Want to know more about my services or to discuss about your business? Do not hesitate!