Origami : Cranes invasion

« Origami : Cranes invasion » – A marketing operation linking storytelling and street marketing.

On the occasion of Cersaie, Novoceram chose the theme of Origami and the paper crane, as the main protagonist of its communication campaign that takes place in two stages: storytelling content and a street marketing operation.

Street Marketing Operation

This operation is accompanied by a street marketing action. During the five days of the show, no less than 1250 multicolored paper cranes were placed everywhere on the show, as much on the main roads as in more unexpected places: in escalators, elevators, info points, the point press, restaurants and even in the toilets of the exposition’s buildings …… guiding the visitors who find them to their nest: Origami stand of Novoceram.

Story Telling operation

During the stand set up backstage, the marketing team staged a series of animated gifs mixing humor and storytelling, to tell the story of a cloud of mischievous paper cranes, coming from Japan and bound for Bologna in search of the ideal nest. A way for Novoceram to unveil on social networks the theme of the Origami stand, designed by Francesco Catalano.

Backstage et Live Origami Publications sur Facebook

Photographs of the stand

I also photographed the Origami stand projected by Francesco Catalano, discover the photographs here.


31 October 2017